Costa Brava

Sometimes Paradise is hidden just a stone`s throw away, as the small, hidden bays of the Costa Brava. In Llanca, tourists can ask for maps featuring hiking paths all around the town. A short, easy route leads across the beach of Platja de Grifeuand Platja de Canyelles at the far end of the village towards Portbou. The track passes Cap Ras and the Platja of Garbet and then leads back again. To our left, beach mansions fringe the beach. Some are old, others are new, all of them are beautiful, framed by Mediterranean plants. The agaves large flower spikes are colourful against the blue sky. To our right, the sea is a sunlit dream of deep blue and clear water. The Cap Ras is adjacent to the last bay. Bizarre, gnarly rocks, steep cliffs, foam on the waves. Carefully, we dare the climb across the rocks. Spray hits our faces ; gulls float high above, thistles are abloom. We spot the occasional sun worshipper on the beaches below. The wild landscape of the Tramuntana is full of hiding places and adventure playgrounds for climbers. Lagoons, tucked away between the cliffs and the rocks, invite the traveler to dare the plunge into the sea. 
By now, the Platja de Garbet is right in front of us. Even though the Tramuntana is blowing tonight, the beach is far from deserted and there are some who are brave enough to face the crystal clear but cold waves. The Garbet Restaurant at the beach has a particulary fine patio, white table cloths and waiters in long aprons included. The patio is basically right on the beach and the guests can all but dg their naked toes into the sand. The fish served here is freshly caught and served on noble plates. This is pricy, but worth it. The road along the coast goes on and on, up to Colera anda long the olive graves and wineries. For today, however, we have walked enough and take a short cut through a small pine forest. Rocks and sea, flowers and sand and the clear blue sky – they have all been caught on our camera. 
(Source: Costa Live)

Empuriabrava Tower