We offer individual management contracts for your property – you prefer to agree upon a fixed price per year or rather pay a fixed rate per hour? No problem! 

Fixed management fees per year: 
House: 40 euros per month= 480 euros per year (plus VAT)
Apartment: 30 euros per month = 360 euros per year (plus VAT)

Administration services:
- Periodical check of your facilities, additional checks after strong wind/storm
- Check of water and electricity supply, as well as heating
- Check of maintenance activities during renovation works
- Supervision and control of other service providers (cleaning, garden and pool maintenance)
(also see points garden maintenance and pool maintenance)

Fixed rate per hour:

From Monday to Saturday: 8.00 am to 8.00 pm:
25 euros/hour (plus VAT)

Sunday/holiday and all hours outside of regular hours:
45 euros/hour (plus VAT)