Buy & Sell

Customer Seller

Goertz & Partner will prepare an assessment of your property according to the market, without any cost.  
We will also create a presentation of five to six pages exclusively for your property.
This presentation will be used for marketing purposes in several multi-language magazines. For example: Amigos, Costa Live, Arena, Le Petit Poisson, Bahia News, Resident e Immogratis.

Your property will be promoted through strategic alliances with commercial contact agents in different European countries.
Goertz & Partner will also utilize internet web sites where your property will be presented with its respective pictures and description in a professional and exclusive way.

The sales commission is included in the sales price. The company will receive this commission only if the property is sold.

Customer Buyer

You may send us the property requirements that interest you via email, saving you the costs of a trip.
Goertz & Partner will then prepare a presentation consisting of different properties that meet your requirements.
Instead of wasting time, you can focus on the most important thing - “Finding the house of your dreams”.

Once you visit the properties and decide to purchase one, you may reserve it with a deposit of 10% of the total price, which will then be discounted from the sales price. If you need a mortgage approval, the company can advise and assist you to make the process easier. All the necessary paper work will be prepared and compiled by Goertz & Partner.

Other Services

- NIE Identification request if necessary.
- Inscription of the property or newly-built properties and enclosures in the Real Estate Registry Office.
- Cooperation with an excellent team of tax, financial, and legal advisors.
- Support in Bank proceedings (opening and closing accounts or bank transfers to the country of origin)
- Solution to difficult cases such as an existence of usufruct on the properties, heritage, powers, probate, and others.
- Name change for water, electricity, and telephone services after the sale.
- Maintenance service and property administration.
- Property improvements and construction.

Goertz & Partner invites you to visit our office in the Port, where we will be happy to assist you with your Real Estate sale or purchase utilizing our experience and knowledge.